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Rays 1, Tigers 8: A Quick Recap Of An Ugly Loss

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Erik Bedard gets shelled and the bats go to sleep.

Duane Burleson

A few quick notes from last night's loss.

  • Erik Bedard was bad. It's hard to be worse than he was in that first inning, unless your name is Daniel Bard. It was his worst start of the season, but, hey, the Tigers have a really good offense and he's still prone to being Erik Bedard.
  • The offense wasn't much better. After threatening for a crooked number in the first inning after having men on the corners with one out, the Rays settled for one run on a sac fly. Desmond Jennings' leadoff double would be one of only two hits the team would collect all night, and none came after the fourth inning.In fact, the last 16 Rays were retired.
  • Max Scherzer was on the mound for the Tigers, so the inept effort of the offense is understandable.
  • Making his Major League debut, Vince Belnome went 0-3 in front of family and friends.
  • Just about the only positive thing to come from last night was Kirby Yate's appearance. The Hawaiian finished the final 2.2 innings allowing just one hit while striking out two.
  • Alex Cobb takes on Drew Smyly tonight. Cobb's last start in Detroit was a fantastic 7.2 inning, zero run affair last season. Let's hope he can repeat it.