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Rays Tank: Winning series; All-Star snub

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays continued their winning ways, taking three of four from the Tigers, and capping off the series with an impressive seven to three win on national television. Meanwhile they're being treated like a last place team, only afforded one all-star selection. David Price is in, Jake McGee is out. Frankly, that's okay. Closer or not, we all know who the relief ace on this team is.

One of the players driving the recent hot streak as been Logan Forsythe. Tommy Rancel is on the spot to notice his emergence and point out how his production has changed.

Justin Perline at Beyond the Box Score has put together a formula, based on hit tracker data and some other factors, to quantify raw power. While he was surprised by one of his results, Rays fans who have been paying attention should have expected it. Sean Rodriguez slots in at number 12 in baseball. Not many other Rays show up high on the list.

The Rays spent well over their international signing allotment. Wendy Thurm of FanGraphs explains how international spending limits work.

Other Links

Eric Lang is over at The Hardball Times doing really cool things examining the physics of great outfield throws.

The Kudzu Kid is in the FanGraphs community blog asking for some help in quantifying good and bad pitches. If you've got ideas, give it to him.