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The David Price trade: Reactions from the media

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here's some hot takes from around the league and mediasphere:

Rob Neyer: We're all winners!

This is exactly the sort of move you make if you do have a budget but don't want to spend a year or two rebuilding... The Rays made a move that's going to help them stay in the black for some years.

Jonah Keri: David Price in a Three-Team Bonanza Evened Out the American League Arms Race

Bizarrely, the Rays are the team that seems to have come up short, with industry consensus saying they failed to get enough for Price... Adames, meanwhile, was considered arguably the best prospect in the Tigers system. However, that's not saying much, since Detroit has obliterated its minor league depth by trading away so many other prospects in recent seasons.

...dealing Price certainly seems like the kind of move that will not only hurt the Rays' roster and playoff chances in the short term, but also risk damaging the psyches of Rays fans and Price's former teammates.

R.J. Anderson: Rays trade David Price

...there should be disappointment when the Rays trade their best pitcher at the deadline, and there should be disappointment that the playoffs aren't a more likely outcome. That disappointment is a sign of how far the franchise has come. Selling in July, sinking in the standings, or giving anything less than the most genuine attempt to reach the postseason are no longer acceptable outcomes in St Petersburg-all because of the success this regime has enjoyed.

In many ways, trading Price embodied the signature Friedman quotation-the one about having an eye on the future-that has become cliche.

Keith Law: A shockingly low return for David Price

I'm floored that this is all the Rays got for David Price -- as are some of the execs I've talked to so far -- and I can't imagine that the return this winter would have been any worse.

Dan Symborski: Rays make wise choice to retool

...the Rays still got significant value for Price. It's just not of the flashy variety... Losing a pitcher on the level of David Price is never a happy moment for a fan, but as in past trades, the Rays will wake up the next morning and find that they still have a team that will win more games than it loses.

Tony Blengino: Don't Write Off The Rays End Of The David Price Deal Just Yet

From the Rays' perspective, this might not be the sexy deal that gets all of the accolades in the here and now. It just might be the one that looks really, really good at the 10-year reunion. On paper, the Rays are a little worse for this season without David Price; let's not kid ourselves. They still are very much in the wildcard race, however, and have added short and long-term talent, with extra helpings of cost certainty and years of control. This is the hand that the Rays have been dealt, and they tend to play it well.

Sam Miller: Kind of a weird return

Since 2008, [the Rays] have drafted and developed one big-leaguer-rookie outfielder Kevin Kiermaier. Their 2012 draft might end up the worst of the bunch. They have one of the league's oldest lineups this year, which isn't great, and one of the league's worst farm systems, which is bad.

What has always made the Rays' excellence look so effortless is that they were good in the present, and they had the parts to be good in the future, so they just needed to build the bridge. It was almost a self-sustaining cycle, churning the good present into the good future and building the bridge over the overlap.

Tom Jones: David Price trade deal is better than you think

Remember... The Rays didn't want to trade Price. They had to.

As far as the trade itself, no matter whom the Rays got in return, fans were going to be disappointed. There was going to be no player in the deal as good as Price. The Rays got immediately worse as soon as the trade was finalized.

This deal is better than you think. This deal seems all right.

-Martin Fennelly: Expected Price trade still stings

Although Franklin will begin his Rays career in Triple-A Durham, Smyly will immediately be slotted into the Rays starting pitching rotation. It's still a good one.

Maybe Smyly will stand and deliver.

I wonder if he has a little dog ...

Sam Miller: Yesterday in changing playoff odds

Rays before: 11.3 percent playoffs, 7.9 percent adjusted

Rays after: 10.4 percent playoffs, 7.3 percent adjusted

Marc Normandin: David Price trade balances present and future of Rays

If the Rays felt their chances at October were excellent, Price would finish the season wearing their uniform... It's a risky move, and one that will doubtless leave fans and analysts wondering about other offers that might have been on the table. Still, it's one that could pay off in the end.

Baseball America: Ranking The Prospects Traded At The Deadline

Potentially the key to the David Price deal, Adames has the highest ceiling of any prospect traded on July 31. He's a smooth fielder and potentially plus defender with athleticism. Moreover, scouts give the 18-year-old a chance to hit. Willie Adames tabbed No. 2 prospect in Rays system

The youngest everyday player in the Midwest League, Adames has maintained his patient approach at the plate. His bat speed portends average power once he adds more strength, and he could be a solid hitter once he makes more consistent contact.

- The Tampa Bay Times: Priceless