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The Rays Tank: So much to talk about

So stay with the times.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So, I guess a lot happened yesterday. Let's step through all the important things written over the past 24 hours or so.

Another strong salvo from Beyond the Box Score:



Many Rays fans are waiting for that upcoming big TV contract that will turn the Rays into contenders in the free agent market, but as Wendy Thurm points out, those deals don't always work out well for the team.

Miles Wray has written a good review of The Pecos League, a Fox Sports miniseries on independent league baseball, showing that criticism is not dead in online sports journalism (did any one say it was? did anyone say it was alive?).

Ben Lindbergh on catchers (this time Yadier Molina) is always a must-read.

This is old, and it's probably already been linked here, but I just saw it. Jason Hanselman did some very interesting work on the aging curves for hitters' swings.

If you feel like you missed something, check the roundup of the deadline trades.