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Rays Tank: Price in the Trop

Framing in the MVP discussion.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, David Price was back in the Trop, and the Tropicana faithful gave him a warm welcome.

He said he was going to try not to smile, and I think he mostly succeeded. Good job, David. He also succeeded in pitching a complete game while allowing only one hit and no walks. Ridiculously, that one hit followed an error, and resulted in the only run the Rays needed. Alex Cobb made sure of that.


In an ode to this famous article, Dave Cameron struggles with the Jonathan Lucroy for MVP question.

Ben Lindbergh cases the industry to see how top prospects have helped or hurt their standing in their rookie seasons. Jake Odorizzi sighting.

Bryan Cole with a discussion of all the exciting stats collection systems discussed at this year's Saber Seminar.