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GDT: Birds of a feather do something together

Today's my first day back at USF. God knows we don't have a football team so I'm pinning my hopes on the Rays.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

If you believe that the Rays still have what it takes to make the playoffs, then it is impossible to say that they can split this series and still be okay. With time rapidly running down on this season, the Rays can no longer be content with treading water. They need to make their move now, and this is a perfect series of that. The O's just got swept by the Cubs, and they're doing the closest thing to reeling that they've done in a while. So now is the time. Anything less than a series win, and the margin of difficulty just becomes too great.

If you have yet to give up hope, then stand around the bonfire with me, join hands, and sing. Sing as loud as you can, and push back the darkness. Rage against the crisp death of autumn, and sing songs of spring. Win tonight's game, and win the next one. Then, win the one after that. Then...