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The Rays Tank: All Smyles in Baltimore

So punny. Will never get old. Especially if this kinda pitching keeps occurring.

Rob Carr

I mean...

He can stay, we'll keep him. Keep on keepin' on, Smyly. We like your wins.

Oh, but Tigers fans, please don't boo DP. Thanks!


- You probably haven't noticed, but Ben Zobrist is having a pretty great season. Danny explains.

- Baseball is magical, but baseball is weird. Think you know all the bizarro rules? Take this quiz and find out!

- "Hepatitis C U L8R!" HILARIOUS JOKE GUYS. (This isn't funny, Boston).

- ICYMI, as Ian said in yesterday's Tank, "Bradley Woodrum is a serious baseball writer."


- Oh and hey, WHAT A PLAY by Andrelton Simmons:

<iframe src='' width='400' height='224' frameborder='0'>Your browser does not support iframes.</iframe>