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Red Sox 8, Rays 4: Yeesh

Let's just forget about this game, Part II

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Do y'all mind if we keep tonight's recap short? Okay? Okay.

  • Chris Archer only lasted four innings, allowing ten hits and two walks while only collecting three strikeouts. All of the runs the Red Sox scored were scored off of Archer in his short period of work. Between the first and second innings he allowed eight runs, which would be all the Red Sox would get, but would be more than enough to snuff out any possible Rays rallies that would arise.
  • In the second inning the Rays managed to score a run off of a Kevin Kiermaier single (all on two outs) but would not be able to capitalize much on the Red Sox starter making his third start in the MLB.
  • In the bottom of the fifth, Brandon Guyer hit a no-doubter to left center (his third of the season) that scored two runs in the fifth, but that would be all the Rays would score in that inning.. In the ninth he would also single home Kevin Kiermaier to achieve a score of 8-4, but this would be all the Rays would achieve, offense-wise tonight,
  • Cesar Ramos and Grant Balfour entered after Archer left the game, and pitched rather well. Ramos allowed three baserunners over three innings, and Balfour only permitted a walk throughout his two innings of work.. Ramos, in fact, collected five strikeouts.

Look, I could write some stuff about how Chris Archer was disappointing, and how this puts the Rays one step further from their impossible task of reaching the postseason, but it's not really worth it. Instead, I think it's just a good idea to forget this game, and to move on, especially considering it was against the Red Sox. Do y'all mind? I figured it was a good idea.

Go Rays, we'll get 'em next time.