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The Rays Tank: Don't frown, it's Smyly Tuesday

Give a warm welcome to the new kid.

Brian Blanco

ICYMI: We decided to get the sads and reminisce about our favorite memories of David Price. Quality anecdotes in the comment sections as well. Theurapetic or something. Le sigh.

If you're still hot on the topic, Marc Topkin shared why the Rays got more for DP now (and would've received less later), while Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski spoke to Buster Olney on his Monday podcast about how exactly, and when, the trade went down.

BUT, don't linger there too long: today is Drew Smyly's first start in a Rays uniform and he deserves lots of love...especially since he wasn't that stoked about the trade either.


(Someone make a GIF.)


Reunited and it feels so good:

So good, that extras were needed last night, with the Rays losing 2-3 to the Athletics as soon as Grant Balfour got his chance to pitch. Catch the full recap of the late night West Coast battle here.


- Evan Longoriaa victim of his own success? Beyond the Box Score seems to think so.

"An Attempt to Find the Market Price for Wins in July" from Fangraphs and Dave Cameron, with (of course) a few paragraphs on last week's trade.

- Lone Star Ball spoke with two prospects, Pat Cantwell and Jake Skole, potentially the two best defenders in the Rangers system, about the ins and outs of professional baseball defense, and their insights are worth your time.

- Thanks to Lana for capturing this gem that I listened to this on loop accidentally. Vin Scully can make anything sound good.