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Danny's 2014 Mid-season Top-30 Prospects

I'll keep this brief

Enny Romero remains the Rays' top pitching prospect in my book.
Enny Romero remains the Rays' top pitching prospect in my book.
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Scott's list is way better than mine. He generally knows a whole lot more than I do, and has been glued to every level in the Rays system this year. I'm a bit more casual in my devotion.

I'd originally written up a giant Top-30 post, but then accidentally wiped it by not saving the word document. As is life, and because time is money, you'll need to go visit Scott's listing for the full experience.

I will offer, however, the Top-30 I developed. At least my spreadsheet lives. Similarly to Scott, I started by ranking the top pitching and hitting prospects and then merging my lists.

1 Willy Adames 11 Hak-Ju Lee 21 Riley Unroe
2 Casey Gillaspie 12 Curt Casali 22 Kean Wong
3 Enny Romero 13 Justin O'Conner 23 Adrian Rondon
4 Alex Colome 14 Jake Hager 24 Tim Beckham
5 Ryan Brett 15 Nick Ciuffo 25 Jacob Faria
6 Taylor Guerrieri 16 Nate Karns 26 Adam Liberatore
7 Blake Snell 17 Oscar Hernandez 27 Mikie Mahtook
8 Cameron Varga 18 Grayson Garvin 28 Patrick Leonard
9 Mike Montgomery 19 Andrew Toles 29 Matt Andriese
10 Ryne Stanek 20 Dylan Floro 30 Brent Honeywell

Some surprises in my list:

- I guess I've bought the hype on Willy Adames, at eighteen I'm impressed with how aggressively the Rays and Tigers are treating him, and he could be something really special. Dave Dombrowski says he could be an All-Star, and my constant optimism currently believes him.

- Ryan Brett jumped straight into Montgomery's roster and is killing it, already at 24 SB and 7 HR (last year's totals between lower levels) while demonstrating a great eye at the plate.

- I'm being very aggressive with my pitcher optimism in the Top-10, which feels rather unfair to HBK HJL, O'Conner, and Hager. All three of them could rise by the end of the season.

- Andrew Toles and Matt Andriese have fallen pretty hard this year through poor performance.

- The 21-26 range on my list might as well be tied, it's really difficult to differentiate placement for that group. All very different players, but all guys I wanted in the Top-20.

- Update: For whatever reason, I had Lockwood at 28 earlier and that doesn't seem right. Patrick Leonard is a level higher, a few months younger, and putting up stronger numbers -- including 13 HR, 19.8% K, and 9.9% BB, compared to Lockwood's 11 HR, 32.2% K, and 5.4% BB. Glad to see Leonard making a resurgence, I may or may not have flipped their names on my spreadsheet.

Pitchers to watch:

Jose Mujica
Jose Castillo
German Marquez
Nolan Gannon
Jaime Schultz

Hitters to watch:

Richie Shaffer
Hunter Lockwood
Cameron Seitzer
Maxx Tissenbaum
Johnny Field