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Rays Tank: Happy Labor Day

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Labor Day is a fine and worthy holiday, when we celebrate the achievements of American organized labor, give thanks for the eight hour work day, the weekend, overtime laws, and safe working conditions. There is a dark side, however, in that we're no longer allowed to wear seersucker. I really like seersucker.

It's also a holiday in that rosters expand. The only interesting callup for the Rays is Steve Geltz. The 26 year old is hardly a major prospect, but he has struck out over 30% of the batters he's faced in triple-A for the past two years, so I'm curious to see how he works.


Speaking of unsafe working conditions, a high school game in Japan lasted 50 innings.

A good discussion of Alex Gordon's high WAR total from Jeff Zimmerman: it's partly due to the fact that left fielders are worse at defense this year than normal.

Ben Lindbergh on situational hitting and beating the shift.