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Betcha you thought that there wouldn't be another GDT today! WELL YOU WERE WRONG!

Cliff McBride

HAHAHA oh man. Oh man you should see the look on your face. Oh wow, you were all like "where's the GDT today, oh I bet that they forgot again" well HA HA, you're wrong!

This whole thing was scheduled! I'm not even writing this today! I'm writing this on Saturday, scheduling it for 7:07! And you had no clue! Plus, it's 4 AM! I can't sleep! Oh man you should see the look on your face. Luckily I'm awake to imagine it, which means my insomnia is getting worse. The new medication isn't doing too much. Wow I bet you feel like an idiot. The doctor said there'd be some weird side effects with Dopamexatrine, like atypical behavior and oversharing of one's personal life. Boy you sure look silly. Let's see what's on GSN at 4:16 AM.