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Rays Tank: It's Alex Colome Day

Also, the real deal with baserunner batter-pitcher distraction

Mitchell Layton

Yesterday, the Rays' Jake McGee blew the save once more, but the Rays pulled out the win in extras, taking the series from the wildcard-shopping Jays.

The Rays front office then did their part and gave me three birthday presents: Alex Colome, Nick Franklin, and C.J. Riefenhauser. Colome will start tonight against the Yankees. Colome has had a short and slightly sub-par performance, while dealing with a suspension, but I think we all remember how electric the young righty can be.

Bill Chastain with some good quotes from Kevin Kiermaier and Maddon on KK's baserunning.

And, just because this really doesn't get old, here it is again:


Other links:

Do you go to games? Did you vote in the Fan Scouting Report? If the answer is not yes to both of these, change your ways, and make the answer yes to both of these.

MGL speaks! This time it's about the effect of a prolific base-stealer on an at bat. We tend to talk about base-stealers distracting the pitcher, but it seems like it depends on the number of outs. With one out, it really distracts the batter. MGL is, as usual, through, precise, and a must-read.

Jeff Zimmerman on pitching rattled. It's not about Jake Mcgee, but it easily could be.