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Rays Tank:Jose Molina is still good at pitch framing


Scott Iskowitz

While the Rays lost the game yesterday, but won the series, Brett honored Derek Jeter.

Pitch framing by battery. Price/Molina and Hellickson/Molina make the top list.

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News mentions Gabe Kapler as a possible manager option for the Rangers. Nothing behind it yet, but good luck, Gabe.

There are some results to look at from the Fan Scouting Report. Kevin Kiermaier is the highest rated Rays fielder, but he's not the highest rated in baseball. I haven't got a problem with that, as I don't watch those other guys regularly, and I'm sure they're all great fielders as well. I do wonder about Alex Gordon, though. If he's that good, why doesn't he play center field? Of course left fielders can be great fielders as well (a la Carl Crawford), but it's a strange situation.

That was the worst football game I've ever watched.