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Rays Tank:The final road trip

Brian Blanco

Off-day today, and then the Rays finish up the season at Boston, and at Cleveland.

With this season good and over, it can be fun to mull over what could have been. For instance, Jeff Zimmerman identifies how a team could have made the playoffs composed entirely of the cheapest sort of free agent and spare part. Take note, AF.

The always-interesting Wendy Thurm on the analytics of ticket sales.

From Ben Lindbergh, Dellin Betances, relief aces, and a deep look at bullpen management (Wade Davis features prominently).

The opposite of the relief ace is the sacrificial lamb -- the guy you bring in when the game doesn't matter. He doesn't qualify for the list, since his best sacrificial lamb appearances came as a starter (ugh, Rays) but Cesar Ramos says hi.

How Derek Jeter broke up Alex Cobb's no-hit bid.