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Rays 2 Indians 0 - A Message from Alex Colome

Colome makes his case for next season's rotation with a complete dismantling of the Cleveland offense.

Come. At. Me. Bro.
Come. At. Me. Bro.

Um... yeah, hi. All of you penciling Jeremy Hellickson in as the 5th starter next season until Matt Moore comes back from TJ surgery? Thinking you'll just stash me in the bullpen since I'm out of options? Yeah,this one was for you.

All of you concerned about my command? Maybe my control? How did 7 scoreless innings, 6 K's to just 1 walk and 4 hits grab you?

How'd you like me not allowing a single lead off hitter to reach base in any of the 7 innings I so expertly tossed?

How'd you like my crazy hair twin, Wil, busting out of his coma long enough to give me an early one run lead in the 4th when he knocked in David "Praise" DeJesus?

How'd you like me getting into trouble only once tonight in the 5th (If you consider first and second to be "trouble" psshhh) just because I was bored and wanted to make that Mike Aviles strikeout something extra special?

Did you see my main man, the real J-Lo, hook me up with an insurance run when he knocked in Zorilla in the 8th? Just in case Joey P and Grant Balfour weren't on my level? (They were)

I'm just gonna leave this right here. I'm just gonna let you chew on this all offseason until we do it all again next spring. You can call this my dismount. You can call this my mic drop.


- Alex Colome