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The Ray Stank: Describe the 2014 Tampa Bay Rays Season with a Movie Title

A fun activity to kick off the offseason. You will find this activity to be very fun.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

As there was no Tank posted this morning, I have decided to swoop in and save the day with a fun, possibly hilarious activity. As mentioned in the description, please describe the 2014 Rays season with a movie title.

Recs will be counted as votes towards a winner. The winner of this fun activity and contest will be the proud first owner of the 2014 DRaysBay Writer Wives & Girlfriends Swimsuit Calendar. This provocative calendar will be released to our loyal readers later on this fall, but the winner of this contest will have the first look.

If Lizzie wins the contest, as I expect she might, we may have to work out another prize. I hear there are some Kevin Kiermaier pics from that Reddit photo leak that could be of interest.

Ok, enough description. Rays season with a movie title... GO: