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Rays Tank: Will Dave Martinez finally get a new gig?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros fired their Manager Bo Porter on Monday, and as usual, Tampa Bay Rays bench coach Dave Martinez's name is being connected with the job. Joe Smith of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Martinez claims not to have been contacted by the Astros, but that he would be interest in the job. Martinez has previously interviewed for manager jobs with several sabermetrically inclined teams around the leagues, including the Astros.


Interesting takes from Danny Farquhar about tinkering with his mechanics over time.

I know Dirk Hayhurst isn't everybody's thing, but he is a pitcher talking about pitching, so I read.

Are you into trying to improve hitting metrics? Steve Silverman takes a gander at it, and by his own admission, it's not all that useful. Still, his metric says that Barry Bonds was very good, so at least it's accurate in a large sample.