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The Rays Tank: "We have totally wasted a lot of potential" says Maddon

Brian Blanco

Jake Odorizzi and Mark Buehrle had themselves a pitching duel last night in an un-televised match up. With the 0-0 performance preserved by Jake McGee, the game went into extra innings after Brandon Guyer, Logan Forsythe, and Sean Rodriguez all struckout swinging against a lefty with the bases loaded.

Steve Geltz was given the tenth, and the platoon advantaged did for Toronto what the other Rays platoon hitters could not for Tampa Bay: smoked a fastball deep in the stands.

After the game, Joe Maddon was smiling and sad all at once, remarking how, "We have totally wasted a lot of potential."

I believe this accurately reflects my feelings of the Rays season:


- Congrats to the Durham Bulls in last night's Game 2 come-from-behind victory to even the opening series in Durham, besting a Clippers team that had been 65-0 when leading after eight innings (h/t Kinsella), 69-0 dating back to the playoffs last season.

- Derek Thompson details for The Atlantic how cameras have not only made umpires better, but expanded the bottom of the strikezone.

- Carlos Pena remembers the time Ichiro swore at him in Spanish

- Speaking of swearing, Rays fans appear just below average in curse word content, according to data from sports subreddits.

STATS acquired Bloomberg Sports in a deal announced yesterday to expand its data analytics services

- Tony Blengino calls the Cubs infusion of talent on offense historic.

- The latest stadium proposal in Oakland may force the city to choose between Football and Baseball

- Finally, the most unpredictable GM in baseball has been fired. Kevin Towers, I'm sure you're not done filling up my twitter feed just yet.