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Rays Tank: No Boxberger or McGee, Problem

But an inside-the-parker.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A scheduling snafu meant no recap last night, so here's the brief version. Jeremy Hellickson pitched well for five and a third innings. The Rays were up by two runs going into the ninth inning, but neither Brad Boxberger or Jake McGee was available, due to their high workload over the past few days. That meant that the save opportunity went to Joel Peralta. He blew it. The Rays tied the game in the bottom of the inning to send it into extras, but Cesar Ramos eventually gave up the winning run in the eleventh.

Here's the Orioles site recap.

Oh, and they're playing jai alai again in Tampa Bay.

Drew Smyly may be shut down for the season as part of the Rays program to slowly build up arm strength in their young pitchers.

It's just a bruise, allegedly, but Desmond Jennings will be shut down for the season. Kevin Kiermaier will get most of the time in center field, but Ben Zobrist will get some time there as well, in a blatant attempt to raise his trade value before the offseason.

About that. Nothing new to avid Rays fans, but Steven Weinberg wrote about why positional versatility makes Ben Zobrist underrated.

Ben Revere is an interesting hitter. He's patient, but he rarely walks. The article focuses on Revere, and doesn't get too far into the question I'm interested in -- why does he profile in this unusual way? What keeps his approach from amassing walks? Are there other players with similar profiles?

Tom Tango's fan scouting report is here? Devoted Rays fans who watch a lot of games, go fill it out. It's a really cool project he does. Don't make me hound you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday about this.