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The Rays Tank: Only two more off days left

Not time to bid good riddance just yet, or even good riddance at all, but we're nearing a farewell to the 2014 season.

Scott Iskowitz

It's September 9th, and we're not gearing up for playoff baseball in a few short weeks. And I'm OK with it.

Would I love for us to be playing into October? Of course. Duh.

But it was apparent from early on this year that the preseason predictions regaling this squad weren't going to come true. There were injuries, there were players who just couldn't seem to get in a groove, there were trades... This wasn't the year it was all going to mesh together and bring a World Series win to the Trop. And like I said, that's OK.

We've had quite the run these past few (almost more than a "few" at this point) years, and to be entirely honest, my heart is okay not being put through the ringer of playoff anxiety and madness. I won't be yelling at my TV, or contemplating throwing my laptop across the room, or cursing out this team for building me up then almost letting me down then making me SO HAPPY. It'll be bittersweet come October 1st, and I know I'll be Ionging for that passion that only comes with the magical arrival of the postseason, but that's another fanbases journey this year.

Only 18 games to go.


- Marc Topkin's stars of the 2014 Rays: Brad Boxberger, Jake McGee, Kevin Kiermaier, Jake Odorizzi, Drew Smyly. Agree? Disagree?

- I mean, not too early to look towards 2015, right? MLB released their preliminary 2015 schedule yesterday, which this year seems quite timely in allowing teams to start looking forward to the future. Printable version of the Rays schedule here.

- Opinions on WAR a plenty: from Dave CameronJeff Passan and Jesse Spector.

- We don't have much to drool over right now, so admire Clayton Kershaw's phenomenal season.

- Oh, and:

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