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Game: Which scouting report is Daniel Robertson?

We only have three pictures of this kid.
We only have three pictures of this kid.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a fun game. I've pulled quotes on the defensive ability of three players from write ups by Baseball America.

One is Cardinal All-Star Matt Carpenter, one is the potential Rays starting second baseman Nick Franklin, and the other is recently acquired prospect Daniel Robertson.

Can you identify which is which?

A - "He's a below-average runner but not a bad athlete. He has good hands and can make the throws on balls he gets to. Range is a question, but he compensates with his anticipation skills, instincts and internal clock. [Team] lauds his work ethic."

B - "early-bird workouts [are cause for] attention... [player] is a below-average runner but he can make some slick plays when he gets moving. His arm and range are adequate, and he's working to become more comfortable on his backhand."

C - "quick-twitch athleticism and surprising strength... He's a solid runner with good instincts on the bases. He plays with a lot of confidence and can take his game up a notch when necessary. His range and actions work at shortstop, but some evaluators feel his instincts and fringy arm would fit better at second base."