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Who should be the Face of the Rays?

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year again, where MLB begs social media to talk about baseball by voting with hastags. It's all very scientific.

Once a name has been decided for each team, the faces will... face off? Twitter will vote in head to head competition, declaring an eventual Face of Baseball!

Last year's runner up was the Athletics representative Eric Sogard. So this has a ton of potential!

So let's figure out who we should vote for!

Should we take this seriously and pump Longo's name to the masses? Should it be someone yet to be traded? Someone already traded? How about Joe Maddon? I'm not sure!

Last year our campaign was for Jose Molina, who did not win, but got some hefty votes.

Who should it be this year?

Let's do this prospect voting style. Comment a name below if you don't see your candidate -- or +1 if he's already there -- and let's decide who should be DRaysBay's official #FaceOfRays for 2015!