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Mets vs. Cubs; Blue Jays vs. Royals -- Who ya got?

A rooting guide.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

We've been pretty opinionated in these parts about who Rays fans should root for up to this point. But now? Now it's too hard. There are too many good stories, and too many villains-in-waiting.

New York Mets

Why root for the Mets?

This one is easy. Root for the most exciting collection of young starters to come along since I don't know when. Root for Yoenis Cespedes. Root for a team that is apparently so great to play for, Ruben Tejada breaks his leg at the chance to turn double plays, and Wilmer Flores cries over the prospect of being traded away.

That's a Beej in the dugout moment right there, folks. These Mets are great.

Why root against the Mets?

These Mets, and any Mets really, are terrible. Seriously, you play in the largest market in the world, and you have the nerve to cry about being second fiddle to the Yankees? You had an entire city of Dodger and Giants fans just waiting for NL baseball to come back, and what did you give them? The LOLMets. Sorry, I have no sympathy for you. The Mets suck.

Chicago Cubs

Why root for the Cubs?

Oh my gosh. So many great young hitters. Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant and Jorge Soler and Kyle Schwarber. Not to mention this baseball that Schwarber hit, which is still on top of that scoreboard, now under glass, waiting to join (all apologies to Barack Obama) the biggest victory party Chicago has ever seen.

Also, Jake Arrieta is pretty good, and Jason Hammel is an ex-Ray that had a big save for us that one time after I never wanted to see him again, and he eventually netted us the great Aneury Rodriguez. And some Michael J. Fox movie predicted it apparently.

Why root against the Cubs?

Hey, did you know Joe Maddon coaches the Cubs? No, really! I was as surprised as anybody! Okay, seriously now. We've made a lot of hay about Maddon. And that is one reason to root against the Northsiders at least for this year. It would be kinda rude for the guy to go elsewhere and win it all in year one.

But the real reason to root against the Cubs is for the sake of their fans. Remember when the Red Sox were cursed? How their suffering gave their fans some humility? Some humanity even? And look at them now. Just insufferable. Do you want that to happen to the Cubs fans in your life? Of course not! So root against the Cubs as if your life depended on it. It's for their own good.

Toronto Blue Jays

Why root for the Blue Jays?

Root for the Jays for David Price. Root for that fantasy baseball Donaldson/Joey Bats/E-5/Tulo middle of the order. And of course, root for the bat flips.

Root for the baddest team on the planet.

Why root against the Blue Jays?

Oh, Canada. Whatever happened to those nice, polite Canadians? Yeah, I'd never seen a play like the Martin/Choo/Odor play either, and if I was there, I'd have been pissed too (even if the umpires did get it right). So boo all you want. But there's no excuse for throwing garbage on the field. Especially from the top deck, when you know damn well it's not gonna make it to the field and is instead going to land on some poor schlub two decks below. Y'all need to chill out.

Kansas City Royals

Why root for the Royals?

Because the Rayals -- er, Royals, are so much fun. Speed. Defense. Resilient. Did you see the way they came off the mat to beat down Houston?

Let's see, what else? A lockdown pen. A manager who seems to consult an astrologer before every big move. Timely hitting, now with more power than they had last year. And then, as if Alex Gordon and LoCain and MOOSE and Hosmer and Sally and Wade and Yordano weren't enough, they went ahead and traded for Ben Zobrist. I could go on, but it would be overkill.

Why root against the Royals?

Cuz you're a jealous, baby. There is literally no other reason to root against KC. Go Royals!