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Who to Root For: World Series Edition

Or why I'm right and you're wrong.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It's the World Series, that wondrous time of the year when your favorite team and your backup team have long since stopped playing baseball and started playing golf. But there's baseball being played. And it starts tonight! So who should you root for? Fear not, we here at DRB are here to help.

Why You Should Root For the Mets

We've covered most of this already. Harvey, deGrom, Thor, Tejada's broken leg, crying Wilmer Flores, the Duda still abiding, all great reasons to love the Mets. But I wanted to give you something new. And just yesterday, it hit me: David Wright.

You should root for the Mets because David Wright is Evan Longoria.

Think about it. Both guys are cornerstone players for their respective clubs and hold a bazillion club records. Both are still great fielders at the hot corner. Both have seen their power decline precipitously in recent years. Plus, there's this: in 2013, Evan bought a bar (sorry boutique sports lounge), the same year that David Wright married model Molly Beers. Coincidence? We think not.

Why You Should Root Against the Mets

Again, we've covered this. The Mets are annoying because they play in the biggest city in the country, yet somehow act all underdoggy. But really, even this reason is starting to wear thin for me. It's like rooting against Jan Brady.

Why You Should Root for the Royals

We've been over this and over this, but the last poll showed me that some of you still don't get it. So let's try this one more time.

You should root for the Royals because they are the most funnest team in baseball right now.

You should root for the Royals because they are everything the Rays used to be, and should want to be again: young, athletic, and clutch as hell. Lorenzo Cain is a right handed Kevin Kiermaier. Yordano Ventura is a less polished Chris Archer. Wade Davis is a right handed, non-injured Jake McGee. Ned Yost is ... okay, there's nobody like Ned Yost. And that's yet another reason to root for the Royals.

Why You Should Root Against the Royals

For a long time, there was nothing in this section. And then this guy happened.

The baseball gods cannot be happy about that one.

The Verdict

Weighing the evidence presented, it would seem that the above play from the overenthusiastic Royals fan may have actually tipped the scales slightly towards the Mets. But this ignore the fact that I'm right and you're wrong.

Go Royals!