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Rays Re-Sign Jim Hickey

The longtime pitching coach will be with the team at least through 2018

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Hickey, the longtime pitching coach of the Rays has been re-signed for three more years according to Marc Topkin. You can find his full story here.

Hickey has served as the team's pitching coach since 2007 and has been heralded as one of the top coaches in baseball with multiple players, coaches, and executives alike raining praise over Hickey. Over the course of the past several seasons, many pitchers flock to the Rays in hopes of being another one of Hickey's reclamation projects as he has revived several careers with the notables being Fernando Rodney and Joaquin Benoit.

The terms of the deal are currently unknown, but there was some speculation that Hickey may leave for a much deserved pay raise with another team, so Matt Silverman and company stepped in before that could happen. Hickey did have one more year on his contract, but following the 2016 season, he would have been free to take a job elsewhere.