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Logan Forsythe's Gold Glove Snubbing!

C'mon. He should at least be a finalist! Right?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight at 7:00 pm eastern time, the 2015 MLB Rawlings Gold Glove winners will be announced with two Rays being candidates to take home the prestigious awards, Evan Longoria and Kevin Kiermaier.

If you were an astute observer of the game, however, you might be thinking to yourself, "Hey, wasn't there another player on this team who continuously shined on the diamond, day in and day out?"

You would be correct, as you were probably and should be thinking of Logan Forsythe. The former Rays bench and utility player emerged as a stellar starting second baseman last season when the Rays had depleted depleted depth in the middle-infield through injury. The every day playing time did his bat some good, but it also put his incredible glove, which the Rays already highly valued, on display.

Forsythe's breakout campaign has already netted him the team MVP award, voted on by local area writers, and he is eligible for Esurance's Best Breakout Player, an award that is voted on by fans at But if you watched him, one could wonder why Forythe wasn't selected as a finalist for the Gold Glove award.

Forsythe made dazzling plays on a daily basis. He even made the backhand stop and throw on the run look easy.

Forsythe easily passed the eye test as a superior second baseman, which in years past could have netted the award, but you might be wondering, do the numbers back it up?

The Numbers:

Player Innings Errors DRS UZR DWAR
Jose Altuve 1330.2 5 3 3.4 5.5
Brian Dozier 1383.0 8 -5 1.3 3.7
Ian Kinsler 1324.0 13 19 6.3 8.5
Logan Forsythe 1073.1 7 8 1.4 3.3

Ok, yes, there were better defenders and he may not have been 'snubbed.' There are enough similarities between Dozier and Forsythe to say it was a close call for fourth.

But his 8 DRS was second in the AL among all 2B, and his 94 Out Of Zone rating (OOZ) was second only to Altuve. You would like to think the voting was close to at least honor him.

Of course our opinions go beyond just the glove. Forysthe is deserving of as much recognition possible, given how much he impacted the team this season. It's for the reason the man and the Rays seem to be circling around the idea of a contract extension. He's more than just a glove to the Rays, which goes beyond a mere Gold Glove nod.

This award is far and away Kinsler's. It just would have been nice to see Frosty as a finalist.

Thank you Logan!