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Ottoneu Arbitration Allocations

The arbitration deadline for your fake baseball team is looming.

Axel Schmidt/Getty Images

It's Arbitration time in Ottoneu, with the Saturday, Nov. 14 deadline looming. Have you spent your allocation dollars yet? If not, you really should. Why?

It's (almost) literally the only thing you get to do in the off season

And don't you need a baseball fix right about now? Seriously, it only takes, like, 15 minutes. Here's how it works: you get $25, and you get to allocate it out to players you think are undervalued (or players you'd just like to see with a higher price sticker) on the other teams in your league.

Rule No. 1 – You have to allocate all $25. If you don't allocated all $25, none of it counts.

Rule No. 2 – You have to allocate at least a $1 to somebody on each team. Because fairness.

Rule No. 3 – You can allocate a max of $3 to any one team. That can total can go toward just one player (e.g. hiking a Jacob deGrom bargain by $3) or be divvied up over multiple players.

So why is Allocation important?

Because it helps ensure competitive balance.

Look, everybody lucked into some bargains. Some people got real lucky. This is a way to even some of that out. It also helps make sure that there is decent talent in the auction draft come springtime. So it's sorta like election day; you aren't allowed to whine and moan in March if you don't allocate in November.

Are there any good strategy resources?


A mess of fangraphs links here

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A podcast? Seriously?

Good luck and good arbitrationing!