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SB Nation Awards 2015: Rays Defensive Play of the Year

This award should be Outlawed.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It's the SB Nation award season right now, and the next award up is MLB defensive play of the year.

Here's how it works -- we pick the best play from the Rays season, and then some other guys weigh those plays against others from other teams and make an arbitrary decision.

Does the award mean anything? No. Is the method of choosing scientific? No. If it's not scientific, is it at least fair? No, although do meaningless awards need to be given fairly? Probably not.

But all of those questions pale in importance compared to this one:

Is it worth your time to watch videos of Platinum Glove winner Kevin Kiermaier run around in the outfiled doing amazing things?

Most definitely.

With all due respect to the other fine defenders on the Rays roster in 2015, the nomination from the Rays really needs to feature The Outlaw, because of the crushing volume of his defensive work. Let's get to it.

Flying Southwest (new hub: rob Machado)

Interstate 95 ft.

Stay out of alleys when there are Outlaws around

Say KK!

Go ahead and vote. You can also choose other and link to video if you want. Frankly, going through all of KK's plays is exhausting, and if all you watch is highlights of the best fielder in baseball, you start to forget that plays like these are difficult.