Current 40-man roster counts

Who has space to take players like Oscar Hernandez in the Rule 5 draft? - Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

To make a selection in the Rule-5 draft, teams must have fewer than 40 players on their 40-man roster. TBRaysfan009 went through and collected the numbers for us on who is a threat to claim the players left unprotected. Thanks a bunch for that. - Ian

So, as of November 20th, this is the number of players on each team's 40-man roster, baring any additions or cuts between now and the Rule V draft:

Angels: 35
Astros: 40
A's: 40
Blue Jays: 35
Braves: 38
Brewers: 38
Cardinals: 36
Cubs: 37
Diamondbacks: 40
Dodgers: 39
Giants: 40
Indians: 40
Mariners: 40
Marlins: 38
Mets: 39
Nationals: 38
Orioles: 40
Padres: 39
Phillies: 37
Pirates: 38
Rangers: 38
Red Sox: 40
Reds: 38
Rockies: 40
Royals: 40
Tigers: 38
Twins: 38
White Sox: 36
Yankees: 40

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