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November 27 in Rays History: Jaso for Lueke

Not the best of days.

A head scratcher of a deal took place four years ago
A head scratcher of a deal took place four years ago
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Welcome to the November 27th Tank!


This date in Rays history!

In 2011, the team traded away John Jaso to the Seattle Mariners for the controversial pitcher, Josh Lueke. Since this deal, the Rays have come out as the clear loser as Jaso has provided several quality years of offense for various teams while Lueke has pitched excellenty...for the Durham Bulls, while pitching terribly for the Rays.

Thankfully the Lueke era is over, and Jaso was able to comeback for half of a season this past year.


Trivia Time!

Some of the best players in team history were known for their speed and stolen bases were a huge part of this team's playoff run in 2008. Interestingly, the first stolen base for the franchise actually came as part of a double steal with both players successfully pulling off stolen bases?

Who were these players?

The answer will be revealed in the comments later on


There are 128 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of hits recorded by Matt Joyce during the 2011 season. His final hit of that miracle year was this clutch home run that game during game 161 against the Yankees that took the team from trailing 2-0, to leading 3-2.



I am so happy the Rays don't have to face Clayton Kershaw annually

- Several people have pondered whether the Rays should trade for Pedro Alvarez, the Pittsburgh first baseman has reportedly requested a trade

- Jim Edmonds had a fantastic career, and should at least receive some consideration for the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, that may not happen.

- Need a baseball fix?Checkout this masterpiece from 2011

- If you haven't already, please sign our petition for the Rays to bring back their original uniforms for the annual throwback game in 2016

Random Rays player of the day!