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December 11th in Rays History, Plus Tank!

Daily trivia plus links from the baseball world

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Welcome to the Rays Tank!

Where the Rays Acquire $7 Million Closers and Zobrist has a Swan Song!


December 11th in Rays History!

"There's no $7 million closer showing up" - Stuart Sternberg on December 6th, 2009

On December 11th, 2009 the Rays traded the recently acquired Jesse Chavez to the Atlanta Braves for Rafael Soriano. A closer who'd make $7.25 million in 2010. It was on this day that fans truly learned they couldn't trust the front office's words to the media.

Soriano would have a fantastic year for the Rays setting new records for saves in a season as well as number of times he triumphantly untucked his jersey after victories. He became a free agent following the season and received a hefty payday courtesy of the Yankees. Chavez, meanwhile, was terrible for the Braves, as well as the Royals and Blue Jays before finally piecing together solid seasons these three past years


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterday's question was Aubrey Huff, with the other two players being Delmon Young and Evan Longoria answered correctly first by Brian Andersonbot

Today's prospect:

His overhand 12-to-6 curveball rated as the best breaking ball in the MWL and is the best in the Rays system. His fastball has increased in velocity since he signed and also features heavy sink. He sits at 92-94 mph and touches 96 - Baseball America

Hint: was named the team's eighth best prospect following the 2006 season.


There are 114 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of home runs that Ben Zobrist had during his Rays career!

So here's the final home run of his nine season tenure with Tampa Bay!



- Baseball Prospectus released their top ten prospects for the Rays, which Scott covered last night

- The Mets signed Asdrubal Cabrera to a potential three year deal with Cabby making $19.5 million over the first two years

- The Rays lost three prospects in yesterday's draft, but they also added three arms to bolster their minor league depth

- Chris Young is currently the highest paid free agent outfielder this offseason, but that will change whenever Jason Heyward signs as a mystery team has reportedly offered him $200 million.

- Baseball America released their top ten for the Rays Random Ray of the Day!

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- Need a baseball fix, enjoy Carl Crawford's historic day from 2010