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December 13th in Rays History, Plus Tank

History, Trivia, Countdown, & Links!

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Welcome to the Rays Tank!

Where the Hit Show is Born and Sean Rod Destroys Catchers


In 1999, the Rays attempt to undergo a transformation as they played the buyer role and were one of the most active teams in talks at the Winter Meetings. The excited the fanbase immensely in the span of 12 hours as they acquired two stars of the 90's, trading for Vinny Castilla of the Rockies, then just a few hours later, signed Greg Vaughn to a massive four year deal.

Neither player would last with the club through the end of their contracts as Vinny Castilla suffered nagging injuries and just failed to produce in the American League. After his release in 2001, he regained his power stroke with the Astros and lasted a few more seasons. Meanwhile Vaughn provided at least a little bit of what he used to be capable of, but he too was a disappointment and was released during spring training of 2003, effectively ending his big league career.


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterday's question was Bobby Seay, answered correctly by Andrew Torrez

Today's prospect:

[Prospect's] fastball touches triple digits and has above-average movement. He has an easy throwing motion that reminds scouts of Mariano Rivera. His slider is effective against righthanders, and big league lefties batted just .186 against him.

Hint:  he was named the team's 4th best prospect following the 2001 season.


There are 112 days until Opening Day!

That;s the same number of games Sean Rodriguez played in 2012.

THIS is not one of those games



- The Ken Giles trade has finally been completed, and it's bad news for fans who want to keep McGee.

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Random Ray of the Day!

Please sign our petition to help bring back the team's original uniforms for a game in 2016

- Need a baseball fix? Check Cobb's strikeout domination of San Diego