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Help Wanted! Come write for DRaysBay

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

We are looking to expand our writing staff here at DRaysBay. If you have an interest in writing and a love for talking about intelligent baseball, this might be the place for you!

Below you will find the different types of writing we feature on the site, with two recent examples for each.

Writing Needs

News coverage - Breaking news, big news, small news. Trade rumors, trade proposals, "he said, she said." It all needs covered. If the Rays are simply an interest to you and you love covering the news, this could be a fit for you. We need people who can be on call for a quick need and get the conversation going.

Trade Rumor: Jake McGee

Breaking News: Hank Conger

Analysis - The heartbeat of our site is analysis of the game. We aim to use advanced metrics whenever and wherever we can, hoping to come to the best possible understanding of past and future moves by the franchise, the players, and the game at large.

Trade Value Projection: Brad Boxberger

Trade Reaction: Shelby Miller vs Alex Cobb

Features - Most likely a weekly series focus, including player profiles, free agent targets, trade targets, a even trade value power rankings during the off-season. Mid-season that evolves into more game-reaction pieces, or monthly check-ins on player performance.

Free Agent Target: Tyler Flowers

Player Profile: Logan Forsythe

Editorials - If you have a voice for writing, and/or have something to share with Rays fans or the baseball world, this could be the place for you. Personal interest stories, longform articles, interviews with players or management -- there could be many possibilities if this interests you.

Editorial: Rays don't need to trade from pitching depth

Editorial: Reaction to David Price joining Boston

Create your own - Or maybe you have something unique to bring to the table. If you love advanced stats and want to write a weekly feature on some statistical observation, this is the perfect place to do so.

Editorial: Rays finances handcuffed by television contract

Player Profile: Buddy Borden in the AFL


We pride ourselves as being the hub for intelligent discussion about the Rays. We do that through three primary avenues: writing, analysis, and conversation. If you have a passion for any of these, or at least a strong interest, we have a place for you here. Experience is gained, so don't let that deter you.

If you would like to be part of the team, please fill out the form below. If you do not have any links to your writing, please feel free to write a FanPost! Show us what you've got by writing a sample article by using one of the examples above.

We have an editorial process in place that we believe helps all of our writers improve along the way. Joining our team requires being open to this process. Paid positions may come available for our most frequent writers over time, but this site is primarily a hobby for its contributors.

How To Apply

Write a FanPost on our site. Show us what you've got, and you'll be recognized for your work, Our writing staff is regularly monitoring FanPosts, we will reach out to the e-mail associated with your SB Nation profile when the time comes.

Warm regards, and Go Rays.