memories at the ballpark

My memory is from 5/1/2009 - Red Sux at the Trop.

A former co-worker and I decide to catch a game. I offered to get the tickets and I bought 2 seats 3 rows off the field on the 3rd base side - smack dab in the middle of all the chowdah heads.

Boston goes up 2-0 and it looked like another typical Red Sox runaway game - Sonnanstine on the hill against Masterson who was very good early on.

Bottom of the 4th Crawford sends a liner into CF which looked like it may drop but Ellsbury comes running in, dives and catches the ball closing out the inning. All the Red Sox fans around us are going Apeshit since that's the 3rd out. As Ellsbury is running off the field just about every damn Red Sox fan is hollering for the ball. The couple next 2 me, both wearing Ellsbury jerseys, are waving their hands and screaming. Ellsbury sees them and underhands the ball in their direction. Everything was cool until I decided that ball was mine. I stretched right in front of this dude catching the ball and getting a 'Dickhead' look from Ellsbury who I quickly yell that I hope you cracked a rib catching it.

The Boston faithful around us start to jump on my case saying that was pretty low to do that since Ellsbury was tossing that ball to this couple. I explained once in the air it's free to anybody that can get a hand on it. Now some of the Rays fans are backing me up - telling a few Red Sox fans to get a bigger mitt and other stuff. By this time we now have several fans engaged as to who's right/wrong and what have ya. The usher's come down and tell everybody to sit down.

The couple by me that want this ball, the woman is in complete tears by now and her husband quietly asks me "How can I get that ball???"

I then told him "just to show you that Rays fans have some class" I give the ball to him which immediately shuts his wife up. Boston fans applaud and a few Rays fans call me a wimp.

A beverage Man was right by us at the time and I ordered 2 cold Coors Lights - he said 10-12 bucks or whatever - I simply said the man with the Red Sox hat is buyin. The Red Sox fan laughed and said "Yes I am!!" bought 4 beers and we fist bumped. The Rays fan who called me a wimp apologized and then said who would want ball caught by that jerk Ellsbury anyway.

To make things even better, the Rays scored 6 times in the bottom of the 6th with the bullpen shutting the Sox down the rest of the way. Sonny gets his 1st win of the year!

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