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Tank: PED Outbreak?

Today's tank includes little history, excellent trivia, and just 98 days until Opening Day. Plus links!

Why hello, Casanova
Why hello, Casanova
Nick Laham/Getty Images

This date in Rays History!

For the second day in a row, almost nothing Rays related happened with the exception of a minor league catcher (Raul Casanova) signing and Chris Gimenez's birth so let's move on to trivia.


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterday's question was Steven Souza Jr, answered correctly by jtmorgan

Wrong answers were Joey Gathright, Pat Burrell, [RETRACTED], Jason Bartlett, Reid Brignac, and David DeJesus

Today's prospect:

"He makes solid contact and sprays the ball from foul line to foul line. He has power to the alleys and some scouts project him to hit 30 homers a season because of his tremendous bat speed and the natural lift in his swing."

Hint: he was number one in his organization, and one of the top three prospects in baseball in the early 2000's.


There are 98 days until Opening Day!

That''s the same number of hits Carlos Pena had during 2012 campaign.

Here's his incredible opening day from that year.



Late last night a report broke that implicated several major stars in a HGH scandal. Among them are Peyton Manning, Ryan Howard, and Ryan Zimmerman.

- A few days ago, I wrote a article on an experience I had at the Trop and asked if readers would post some of their own. We've had our first contribution from the hands of 3Run Blast who has been a member of the site since 2008, so please give that a read.

- Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn, the Rays extraordinary PR guy who has been with the team since 1996, suffered a torn meniscus during Sam Fuld's charity wiffle ball game. He underwent the knife last week.

- Dan Uggla spent the holiday doing what many adults do, playing with their children's toys that they have no business playing with and paying the price.

Random Ray of the Day!

Please sign our petition to help bring back the team's original uniforms for a game in 2016.