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The news comes buried in a lawsuit filing

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports is tailor in its service for the coming season.

While the $129.99 price tag is worth it for diehard baseball fans, more casual fans balk at the idea of paying that much for's out-of-market streaming package. However, it appears that may soon change as MLB Advanced Media will introduce single-team streaming packages, alongside the current package starting, next year.

The news comes thanks to Nathaniel Grow of Fangraphs, who dug through a lawsuit filing in the case Garber vs. Office of the Commissioner of Baseball. The case is challenging league broadcast policies under federal antitrust law, but in the filing comes this small bit of information:

beginning next season MLB will make single-team, out-of-market streams available for purchase (alongside the out-of-market package) on MLB.TV.

While the streaming service is still only available for out-of-market residents, it still is much more convenient for fans to watch their favorite team that they aren't in-market for. For example, if you live in New Jersey (as I do), you don't have the ability to watch most Rays games. I honestly don't want to spend $130 per season to watch Rays games (nor could I most likely), but this single-team service is much more convenient for me.

As of now, there is no official word on the single-team streaming service from the MLB or what the price will be. However, the package represents easier access to baseball games for out-of-market subscribers.