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Rays Tank: Conger, DBACHS, creepy defensive positioning and more

These two will forever be enshrined in this tank!
These two will forever be enshrined in this tank!
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Welcome to your Rays Tank!

Where the Rays acquire flare and records are shattered

December 4th in History!

During the 2012 winter meetings, the Rays were in desperate need of a starting shortstop and they found the right man in Yunel Escobar as they traded Derek Dietrich to Marlins in order to complete the deal. Escobar would be the Rays shortstop for two solid years, providing plenty of dazzling plays, before being shipped along with Ban Zobrist to Oakland this past January.


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterdays question was Jeremy Hellickson, answered correctly by TheDudeofDudes

Today's Trivia:

There are three pitchers tied for most starts in a season in Devil Rays/Rays history with 34 starts. Who are they?

Answer will be revealed in tomorrow's Tank!


There are 121 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of RBI's R'sBI Runs Batted In that Carlos Pena had during his record breaking 2007 season, which you can read more on here (/shameless self plug). Here's his final home run of that set a new team record for home runs and runs batted in!



Ben Lindbergh went deep on the Rays acquisition of Hank Conger, "a catcher who can't throw."

- The Diamondbacks unveiled eight new uniforms on Thursday night. Go DBACHS, apparently.

- Grant Brisbee sees Zobrist's asking price jumping to $78 million.

- The Hardball Times sliced the strike zone horizontally.

"Good scouts look away" - the ideal conditions for scouting.

- The defensive positioning of the Houston outfield creeped in 2015.

Random Ray of the Day!

Help bring back the Rays original uniforms for a game in 2016!

- Need a baseball fix?  We're going back to 1999 for this one!