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Rays Tank: Saturday

David Price's record contract has already been broken

Bonus Trivia!  Explain the connection between Carrey, Canseco, & Cash
Bonus Trivia! Explain the connection between Carrey, Canseco, & Cash
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Welcome to the Rays Tank!

Where the team hires rookies and employs juicers


December 5th in Rays History!

In 2014, after the unexpected departure of longtime manager, Joe Maddon, the Rays name former catcher, scoutand coach, Kevin Cash, as their new manager. Although some questionable decisions were made, Cash had a solid first year at the helm and even had the injury riddled team in first place in the division in late June.


Trivia Time!

The answers to yesterday's question were Scott Kazmir, David Price, & Chris Archer first answered by WilMyers'BatFlip

Todays Question!

Can you name this former Rays prospect based on an excerpt from Baseball America?

"He has outstanding power and doesn’t need to pull the ball to reach the fences. [Player] is a solid defender with a penchant for the diving play. Being in a major league family has helped the mental side of his game."

Hint:  he was ranked the team's 8th best prospect following the 1999 season.

The answer will be revealed in tomorrow's tank, along with the reader who first answered it correctly


There are 120 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of hits recorded by Jose Canseco during the 1999 season.

So, love him or hate him, Caneco was fun to watch hit, so here's one of his Devil Ray home runs!



- Fresh of the debut of their new uniforms, the Diamindbacks outbid the Dodgers for Zack Grienke and signed him to a record breaking, 6 year-$206 million deal

- Meanwhile, the Cubs lost out on David Price to the Red Sox, so they went out and got a former Boston pitcher to retaliate as they signed John Lackey to a 2 year-$32 million deal.

- The pitching market remained hot, as the Tigers signed Mike Pelfrey to a 2 year-$16 million deal. Meaning he'll make more in 2016, than any pitcher on the Rays current roster.

- In sad and unfortunate news, the Mets announced that their GM, Sandy Alderson, has cancer. It is however treatable.

- Barry Bonds has been officially named the Marlins new hitting coach

- Several members of the Rays front office received promotions.

Random Ray of the Day!

Help bring back the Rays original uniforms for a game in 2016!

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