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Today in Rays history: Sorrento, when he was good-ish

Also, the Tank: The Chapman saga and service-time grievances.

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Where the Rays sign DH's and Shields dominates!


December 8th in Rays History!

In 1997, the Rays signed Paul Sorrento to be the team's starting designated hitter for the next two years. Sorrento was coming off a career year with Mariners in which he clubbed 31 home runs. However, Sorrento's years with Tampa Bay went poorly though as he slashed just .229/.329/.403 with 27 home runs over 236 games, while posting -0.9 WAR


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterday's question was Matt White, answered first by jtmorgan.

Incorrect answers included Jason Standridge, Bobby Seay, and Tony Saunders.

Today's Question:

Can you name this player based off his prospect report from Baseball America?

"[Player] is a prototype right fielder, with plus arm strength and budding power. He could blossom into a 30-homer, 100-RBI man in the majors. He's selectively aggressive at the plate and improved his discipline last year. He's an average runner with good mobility on the bases and in the outfield."

Hint:  was named the team's 7th top prospect following the 2003 season


There are 117 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs allowed by James Shields in 2010!

This start below however, contributed zero of those runs!



- The Dodgers and Reds are extremely close on a potential Aroldis Chapman trade, however the Dodgers were trying to be manipulative and it may have cost them. However, a huge piece of information has just come to light.

- Over two years ago, the Rays faced grief over not promoting Wil Myers due to service time and super two eligibility. The Cubs sort of did the same thing this season with Kris Bryantso now the prospect has filed a grievance against the club for doing this.

- The Marlins are reportedly, but have also denied, being in active trade talks involving Jose Fernandezwhile also understandably demanding a king's ransom

- The Red Sox remained active as they traded Wade Miley to Seattle for an extremely dominant reliever.

- The Indians added to list of players claimed from the Rays as they acquired Joey ButlerThere may have been some awkwardness in spring as Butler ruimed history for a certain Cleveland pitcher, but that was quickly put to rest.

Random Ray of the Day!

- Need a baseball fix, check out Game 160 from 2011

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