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Rays Trade Rumors: Alex Cobb for Javier Baez talks stalled

Trade framework is in place, but Rays and Cubs can't decide on the rest.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Late last night, reports began to ring out that the Cubs had a deal in place with the Braves for Shelby Miller that would have sent Javier Baez to Atlanta.

However, through the morning, those reports proved to be greatly exaggerated, and  a deal had not been made.

Now things have also cooled for the Rays on the talks as they can seemingly agree on both Alex Cobb and Javier Baez in the deal, but can't agree upon which other players to include.

Also, some pure speculation:

Meanwhile on other fronts, Ben Zobrist may have an awesome offer on the table.

Or he might not.

Also, Tyler Flowers will decide soon as he down to three teams.


Update, Cubs have switched their interest to Odorizzi