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May 6th, 1999: Royals @ Devil Rays

On May 6th, 1999 the Devil Rays allowed Countryside High School to produce a full game broadcast.

Vincent Laforet/Getty Images

In early May of 1999, some Countryside High School students had the incredible opportunity to produce and televise a live major league baseball game, and it's somehow still around to watch.

The Devil Rays came into the game with a record actually above .500 at 15-14 thanks to some superb hitting from Jose Canseco and Fred McGriff. Canseco wouldn't play in this game though as he was given a day to rest. This game does however include future Rays such as Rey Sanchez and Johnny Damon, and Devil Ray All Stars such as McGriff, Rolando Arrojo, and Roberto Hernandez (Not Fausto).

Arrojo had the start for Tampa and he was opposed by Jim Pittsley.

Starting Lineups

Kansas City Royals Tampa Bay Devil Rays










Scott Pose - LF

Joe Randa - 3B

Johnny Damon - CF

Mike Sweeney - C

Larry Sutton - 1B

Jermaine Dye - RF

Chad Kreuter - DH

Carlos Febles - 2B

Rey Sanchez -SS

Randy Winn - CF

Dave Martinez - RF

Quinton McCracken - LF

Fred McGriff - DH

Herbert Perry - 3B

Paul Sorrento - 1B

Bob Smith - 2B

Mike Difelice - C

David Lamb - SS