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The Rays Tank: Kevin Cash, Rays invest in Little Leaguers

Happy little leaguers outfitted in the best Rays gear
Happy little leaguers outfitted in the best Rays gear

This past weekend the Rays hosted a coaches clinic with some 5,500 T-ball players and coaches receiving uniforms. Kevin Cash was in attendance meeting with some of the Dads and players of Northside Little League.

Cash once played with Northside and enjoyed catching up with the young players. He took a little bit of time to reflect on his own experiences as a little leaguer and expressed excitement to see parents taking such an active interest.

Cash played with the Northside team in 1989, when they made it to the Little League World Series. He took some time to look back at pictures and praise the series for growing in popularity.

This is the 2nd year of the clinic which has grown to cover seven county areas which includes more than fifty little league teams.  With the help of Majestic, the Rays are bringing their jerseys to teams all around the Tampa Bay area.

Majestic designed 18 uniform and t-shirt combinations for the kids, with three different Rays logos. The idea for this clinic grows out of increasing community support for the Rays and a desire to bring the brand to the next generation of fans. The money that these teams save from these uniforms allows the teams to spend more on renovating their fields or bringing in better equipment.

The clinic involves the parents by providing them with resources to coach their children. The clinic offers coaching tips to the parents so that if they want to learn how to coach a team in their community, they are equipped with some skills to train them up. In the future, the Rays hope to expand the clinic to minor league and college ball.

Jake Odorizzi and Grant Balfour were also on hand to meet with the kids, including some great photo opportunities for the Rays.

You can learn more at the Rays facebook page, and by listening to the 2/10/15 edition of This Week in Rays Baseball podcast. You can also watch Florida District Admin Terry Thompson discuss the impact the Rays are having on these kids lives over on our Youtube page.


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