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Who belongs on the Rays "Mount Rushmore"?

Dean Franklin/Ian Malinowski

Happy Presidents Day, you wonderful fans of the Rays. I hope you're not working, but if you are why are you reading this? Get back to work, slacker.

Quick polling question on this President's Day:

Currently there are no bronze statues around Tropicana Field, the only thing close is the giant outfielder flying through the left field concourse. He's nameless, as far as I know, but I'd be interested to know if he's got a nickname floating around.

All of that is to say, who belongs on the Rays Mount Rushmore, if such a thing existed?

It's a very sports radio kind of question, but it's something to pass the time as we approach the start of the prequel to Spring Training.

There are many approaches to answer such a silly and ambiguous question. Certainly the statues should go to the people with the largest influence on the franchise, but that can take several different forms. Maybe coaches like Joe Maddon or Jim Hickey. Or the man who spent ten years rebuilding this team, Andrew Friedman.

Perhaps it includes the owners -- the one who brought the team to Tampa Bay, or the one who made the team great and continues to do so.

Perhaps it includes the most notable players. Evan Longoria, Wade Boggs, James Shields, Ben Zobrist, Dan Freaking Johnson.

Following my gut, the top four contenders for such a monument would be Friedman, Maddon, Longoria, and Boggs. Then again, we probably shouldn't be building monuments for anyone until they're dead.

Who you got?