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The DRaysBay Fantasy Baseball Association starts now

Are you ready?

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Last Monday, I introduced the DRaysBay Fantasy Baseball Association. To review, The Association will be composed of five FanGraphs Ottoneu deep keeper auction leagues. There will be a promotion and relegation system between them, with much praise heaped on those promoted and much disdain sent toward those relegated. For those in the top league, we will reimburse you for the $9.99 Ottoneu registration fee.

I know all of you have read and agreed to the Constitution (because you checked a box to say that you had when you signed up), but you can find all of the details there.

Now it's time to see where you're ceded.

The first name listed in each league will be the sub-commissioner. The other names in bold have also been placed intentionally and will assist as necessary. I wasn't able to pull full data on comments from only the past year, so the rest of you have been ranked by your career comments on DRaysBay. In cases of ties, you were ranked alphabetically, except for three of you, who were ranked lower than your alphabetical order for what I considered to be valid reasons.

Also, there's a nonzero chance I messed up and identified some people as having zero comments when you actually have several comments. If so, I'm sorry. You can take it out on me by beating me.


These are the best of the best. Or more accurately, these are the people who have chosen to spend their time on this site rather than in more lucrative pursuits. I'm fairly certain that they can't pay their admission to the league, and I feel some degree of responsibility for their plight. That's why I'll be paying the fees for these poor blokes.

A few notes:

  • Sandy Kazmir did sign up and would have ranked in this group and bumped falcao9 down to triple-A, but I was unable to contact him by his "preferred method," so he won't be playing this year.
  • You might wonder how someone who only really discusses prospects can be the highest-ranked name on here. Yeah, I don't know what happened there, either. Weird, huh? Let's not talk about it.
  • You will notice that one name in this group is not like the others. Watch out, major-leaguers. I've gotta keep you on your toes.
DRB Name DRB Comments 7403
John Kokales 2
AndrewTorrez 6052
ramedy 4760
mattc286 3596
makeitrayn 3465
Brian Andersbot 3288
Essenpee 2720
ChiBurbRaysFan 1562
WillMyers'BatFllip 1199
gjsor 1094
falcao9 1024

DRB Durham Bulls

This is the highest-stakes league imaginable. I'm glad I'm not in it. Not sure my psyche could take it. The winner makes it to the promised land, while the loser falls to at least two years away.

DRB Name DRB Comments
Bradley Woodrum 7737
Brett Phillips 4723
One Tonne Baby 912
Estivage 477
#TheOneTrueKing 464
ZBW 331
tankapalooza 300
kfharlock 296
pudieron89 of BWA 268
Yoko Longo 231
win-cicum 127
raysman1 88

DRB Montgomery Biscuits

They say that the talent level in double-A is often higher than in triple-A. They say it's filled with hungry up-and-comers while triple-A is made of washed up major league failures. Looks about right to me.

DRB Name DRB Comments
Adam Sanford 1699
jaredsward 18
Wade Williams 2
HeavyDRay 63
Nick_named_Nick 49
tfelsmaier 30
Jrjs 12
Jeremy.Drier 4
dylanccrain 2
richieAllen 1
Chod 0
Kthomas9 0

DRB Charlotte Stone Crabs

Wow, Danny. You comment a lot.

DRB Name DRB Comments
Danny Russell 9390
Loic Ourmier 3
billyGOAT45 0
Martin B 0
MGaul12 0
The Franchise 0
mmf07c 0
notaplug 0
phil321 0
PRhoads7 0
Raise Up 0
SBarnhouse 0

DRB Bowling Green Hot Rods

Two Yankees fans and a guy who couldn't be bothered to create an account. If one of y'all wins, I'm pretty sure that'll be a blemish on the DRaysBay honor. But if the fantasy game on "St. Pete Swingers" is as strong as the name game, we should have nothing to worry about.

DRB Name DRB Comments
Ian Malinowski 3266
Rachel Monroe 15
Jacksdad04 0
Simon2cracker 0
St. Pete Swingers 0
Superb 0
Michael Magnani 0
theaccountiuse 0
tonyfusco5 0
I don't have one, I just lurk 0
Yoyoyank22 0
james13nyy 0

Everyone will receive a communication from their league sub-commissioner within the next several days. At that point, each league will determine a draft time that fits everyone's schedule. Ottoneu draft times fill up quickly, so please be responsive to your sub-commissioner, and we'll make every effort to accommodate you.

Looking forward to it, y'all.