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Three Rays make Baseball America's Top 100

One surprise on the list, one surprise just off.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

BA's Top 100 dropped today. That three Rays are on it isn't a surprise. Who those three are (and aren't) is a little surprising.

Steven Souza vaulted up the list, topping the Rays entries at #37. Though he is one of the oldest prospects on the list, his age did not dissuade BA. He grades out solidly across the board. His ETA is 2015.
Grades: Hit: 50. Power: 60. Speed: 55. Defense: 55. Arm: 60.

Daniel Robertson is at #66, right where the rest of the industry ranked him. They peg his ETA at 2016, which seems a little aggressive to me. 
Grades: Hit: 60. Power: 45. Speed: 40. Defense: 55. Arm: 55

Willy Adames rounds out the Rays entries at #84 (Suck it, K Law!) with an ETA of 2018. 
Grades: Hit: 60. Power: 55. Speed: 45. Defense: 50. Arm: 55.

It's a bit of a surprise that Justin O'Conner was left off. However, he was among 15 players in the "just missed" list, citing the familiar concerns about his bat. (Interestingly, so was Austin Hedges, one of the names kicked around as a trade target during the off season. I feel like Brickhaus would write something insightful here but I've got nothing. Tune in to the comments and see if I'm right!)

There was another Rays prospect who just missed as well - the kid who is set on showing the world that he's more than just a screwball - Brent Honeywell, who also shows up on a "ten players to watch for the 2016 list" piece.

All in all, not a bad day to be a Rays.