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Matt Silverman and Kevin Cash press conference

The new Rays brass answered some questions to kick off spring training.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Matt Silverman and Kevin Cash answered questions from assorted media. There's nothing groundbreaking in here, but it's till nice to know the new bosses. They seemed loose, and they said the word "confident" about 30 times, so I'm going to go out and a limb and say that we're going to win the world series.

Part one:


  • "We're going to be a very good defensive club, especially in the outfield." True.
  • Silveman said that the struggles offensively last year were not so much about not creating chances, but about not capitalizing on them. He said that they'll be fine if they can "capitalize on [their opportunities] more with a more balanced lineup." There are a lot of things balance can mean, but replacing Jose Molina with someone who is not Jose Molina is surely a part of that.
  • For reference, the Rays were last in the American League in runs scored last year, and were in a four-way tie for second to last in wOBA, which is not park-adjusted. But when you throw in the adjustment by using wRC+, they were eighth, so there's some truth to Silverman's assertion that they'll be okay offensively.
  • Kevin Cash is not committing to running the offense any particular way.
Part Two:

  • Matt Silverman says that the AL East is difficult.
  • Matt Silverman says that predictions will probably be wrong.
  • Kevin Cash hasn't seen much of Rene Rivera yet, but he says that from what he's seen, Rivera is very good at communicating with his pitchers.
  • Matt Silverman is excited about improving the pace of play.
Part Three:

  • Kevin Cash is excited about getting to see everyone, everything is good, nothing is a problem.
  • Cash says that guys will hit in "similar spots [in the lineup] to get them some stability."
  • Matt Silverman "will make sure that they don't get too swayed" by spring training performances. (In other news, what quad-A player will we get into arguments on the site over this season after he has a good spring? Suggest and vote in comments)
  • Kevin Cash can be funny.