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Chris Archer on MLB Network

Archer discusses how the coaching staff treats every starter as a No. 1, and the rampant turnover at the Rays.

MLB Network

Chris Archer joined the Hot Stove on MLB Network last week, with an hilarious introduction from a promotion during his days with the Montgomery Biscuits.

Watch below to see him discuss an array of topics on getting ready for 2015, including his off-season work out regimen, the importance of physical training (which he does with Jake Odorizzi and a few former Rays), and living up to PECOTA's expectations. That includes some rampant turnover on the team, which started mid-season 2014 with the acquisition of Drew Smyly.

Archer is mild mannered, humble and well spoken, grateful to be talking to the hosts of the show, grateful for the staff at the Rays, grateful for those who have invested in him (including James Shields, whom he has much to say about, as he's seen the effect Shields has had on the whole staff).

Toward the end, the man who called the Rays the biggest losers of the off-season -- and even suggest the owner should sell the team -- Jon Heyman makes an appearance, asking about the loss of Joe Maddon. Archer turns that question around as an opportunity to talk about how the Rays are a better team, even if "people are counting us out." Deftly done.

The video also confirms that Archer has eaten at Olive Garden at least once, which is good news for Guerrieri once he makes it to the show.