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Alex Colome returns to camp, really loves The Horse nickname

here to usurp the twisted cap crown from Juan Francisco
here to usurp the twisted cap crown from Juan Francisco
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Colome's visa issues have clearly been resolved, and the hard throwing righty reported to camp this morning. In contention for the fifth starter's role, Colome is a more interesting case in that he's guaranteed a roster spot due to his lack of remaining options.

El Caballo, as he's taken to calling himself, has been following the Rays' regiment from his home in the Dominican prior to this point.

The Horse is the English translation from El Caballo, and it's unclear which language he prefers, but you best believe if that's what he wants to be called we will oblige. Just look at these endorsements.

Here's a couple retweets of his this morning:

Colome spoke with reporters this morning and assured everyone The Horse nickname is in reference to his ability to be a workhorse for the Rays: "strong, hungry

For his part, Colome confirmed he spent the winter getting what was his plus-plus curveball back into shape. At the major league level he'd only shown a cutter and change alongside his blazing fastball and there was concern his curve was hurting his elbow. If he can bring it back into the mix,

Colome says he'll be ready to start by Saturday or Sunday. When asked what role he'd like to play for the 2015 Rays?

Starter. It's what I want!

Cash said that from his reports, Colome is right on line with what the Rays needed from him to date, noting El Caballo was facing hitters earlier than pitchers in camp.


- Technically speaking, yesterday was the Rays' birthday, as March 9, 1995 was the day the Rays and Diamonbacks were announced as expansion franchises.

- Longo was looking dapper at this weekend's fundraiser for St. Joseph's:

- We're going split squat today. Here's your lineups:

- Per multiple reports, Smyly has yet to resume throwing, which is good news for Burch Smith and Alex Colome, both of whom are vying for rotation spots against favorite Nate Karns and groundballer Matt Andriese.

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