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Rays sign Jonny Venters to two year deal

with recovery time build in from Tommy John surgery in 2014

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays have signed left handed reliever Jonny Venters to the Leo Nunez deal: two years with first year rehabbing.

Venters is currently recovering from his third Tommy John surgery at the age of 29, and is not expected to be available anytime this season, as the injury occurred during rehab from his second Tommy John surgery in September of last season.

As part of the Atlanta Braves from 2010 to 2012, Venters racked up a 2.23 ERA in 230 appearances (229 2/3 innings) with 258 strikeouts and 110 walks. That's good for a 25% strikeout rate, with a 9% walk rate and 68% groundball rate.

That's something special, and could be again if he can recover from back-to-back UCL injuries.

Venters is a high effort pitcher that features a slider in his arsenal, so it's no guarantee he'll ever return to form, but here's to hoping.

GIF and stats via Fangraphs